5 WEB DEVELOPMENT TRENDS FOR 2017 - Web Design in Coimbatore, Web Development In Coimbatore, Offshore Web Development Company In India
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It’s no secret that web development is evolving at a high pace. So, it’s challenging to keep up with the emerging trends. In this post, we will discuss the top web development trends that are expected to have major influence in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Google is already using artificial intelligence programs. AI development aims to make consumer processes easier. It is more affordable and faster. Cloud computing is the reason behind the growth of artificial intelligence development.

Angular 2: Angular 2 is the overhaul of Google’s browser and mobile application framework. It moved towards a great component driven architecture. This framework helps you deliver engaging experiences for end users. We are expected to notice a lot of more changes in this framework in next few months.

Ruby on Rails: Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework that was upgraded in June 2016. This framework will prove to be highly useful for development in 2017. It is a cost-effective programming language and it’s highly buyer friendly.

Internet of Things (IoT): Gone are the days when internet was limited to your computer and phone. But now, everything is changing at a high pace. From your TV to lighting, everything will be controlled from a single click on your smartphone. No doubt as internet of things continues to dominate our lives, web development will become an important part of the development of applications.

Static Website Generators: Static Website Generators create beautiful websites from plain texture. In some circumstances, static websites are developed by generators for added benefits i.e. increased speed, security, ease of deployment etc. Bloggers seek for this new website development trend as it ensures low cost. Moreover, there is no need of a database as webs pages will run on your servers.

2017 is expected to bring exciting developments in web technologies. To be successful in web development, you need to keep up on the latest website development trends. Be sure to keep yourself updated with the above-mentioned hottest and most anticipated web design and development trends to win the web development space.

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