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Some On Page Techniques will Helps to Rank Your Website on 2018

Our article says about On-page optimization. I want share good On-page trends and techniques you will implement these techniques. It helps to grow your organic results and more views come to your website. It is nothing but on site optimization.

If you want ranking on first page of search results, you must do On site optimize. It is easily get the target keywords and bring to targeted visitors on your website.

Let see some On-Page techniques for best ranking in 2018 you should keep in mind while optimize your website

1. Meta Tags(Title & Description)
2. Heading Tags
3. Alt Images
4. Keyword Density
5.URL Structure

1. Meta Tags (Title & Description)

Do you want more attractive and well optimized title? You must following some criteria

Keep the title length under 65 characters
Includes main keywords of your webpage
Don’t repeat same keyword again & again
Each page should be unique that make user understand
Highlighted with Bold, or Italics


Exact Keyword | Long tail Keyword |Domain Name

Description tells about the webpage, each page must have unique, up to 150 to 160 characters available. Which include relevant exact keyword for your content it is highlighted with bold, or underline. This description has relevant content.

2. Heading Tags

Heading tag also known as body Tag (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc..). when write content you make it easy to read for people. H1 tags are restrained for your main page title with sub headings, like h2, h3 and etc. This will help to search engine understand easily. You must provided keyword with heading tag H1. It is used to crawlers to differentiate.

3. Alt Image Tag

Search engine not crawl images only text, so that you can put image with text that is called as Alt tag. All uploaded images have titles, including relevant keywords, that can help people search your website when searching on Google Images. If you optimized images for SEO you should include description and Alt text. You must compress your images because large images slow down the speed of your site. It can increase user engagement.

4. Keyword Density

Relevant Keyword is most important for SEO, Search engine easy to understand what your content say is about. If keyword repats again and again search engine will banned or spam your website. So that doesn’t stuff your keywords. Keep your keyword density around 1.7% and use LSI (latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. This exact phrases available in the first paragraph of webpage. You can also highlight and bold.

5. URL Structure

The URL structure is an most important part of On-page SEO Strategy. Keep must your URLs has user friendly which make better crawling experience to users. Include your target keywords and well optimized.

URLs focus on

URLs should be unique for each page
It has short and smart
Don’t use any special words in URLs like (?, }, _, + )
URLs contain Hyphen, alphabets and words
It should lees than 250 characters length

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