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Top 6 SEO Trends and Techniques to Focus on 2018

Meta Title and Description

Once you created a website you must focus on Search Engine Optimization. In SEO Meta title and description is main part of your successful business. Without Meta tag you can’t success. It helps to improve your brand quality, website ranking on search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Keep must every page should be proper with good Meta title and description.

Meta title length should be 50 to 60 characters, because Google not appear after 60 characters. you must focus exact phrase(keyword)in title. It should be unique.

Meta description length should be 150 to 165 characters, this will telling about your page. If you give useful information user will come your website.

2. Meaningful Content

In current days no one is reading unnecessary and lengthy content. We must think user point, if user will come to your websites; there is no informative content, what happened user will exit from your website. So content is the main part of your website or web page.
Content should be very short, informative and meaningful
You regularly update your website with fresh and update relevant content. It helps to attract more traffic and visitors.

3. Link Building

Link building is a important part for a website in SEO. It can help to improve organic traffic your SERP (Search engine ranking page) result in search engine. You must build top quality links with high domain authority and page authority. There are many submission available like Image, Video, PPT sharing, Blogger, Info-graphics and more. This is not only improving your SEO, it can increase your visitor’s viewership.

Backlinks, internal links & external links these are all comes under Link Building, You concentrate on Images and Video, because if you use images or videos you will get more engaged users. Upload popularity website such as Pinterest, Imgur, Photobucket, Tumblr & Flickr. Which help make your page popular at any time.

4. Mobile Optimization & responsive Website

In today’s many persons are using Smart phone, IPhone & Android, Your website must optimize on Mobile & responsive, this has increased your traffic and SERP ranking higher than search from desktop. When create a website it definitely has SEO user-friendly, then only you will get targeted customers. Google expect only good responsive theme or template. Mobile friendly website is able to seen mobile phone, Tablets or Desktop easily.

Mobile Optimization includes site structure, page speed, and more to make good mobile visitors.
If your website done already you add some additional things such as
Page Speed, Add CSS, Javasript & images. Which help Google understand if your website responsive or not.

5. Social Media Presence

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms at every time. This will make for brand promotion, attractive visitors as well as higher SEO ranking. There are 3 or 4billion users used social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. You will post regularly and frequently. Do you want Grow your business through Social media marketing?

6. Voice Search

Voice Search is latest trend in SEO field. It is developed by Siri, Cortana, and Google Voice Assistant. It’s available at any mobile. You don’t want type anything, once opened voice search in your mobile, speak anything will appear in Google. Ask any question will get instant answers without use fingers.

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